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Thrive! in mind, body & spirit.


Are you THRIVING or just barely surviving? In Dr. Beth’s THRIVE! Workshop she uses her experience as a Counselor and International Consultant of over 20 years and the research from her degrees in Psychology, Clinical Social Work and a PhD in Mind-Body Medicine to help you learn how to THRIVE! You will learn about the autonomic nervous system, how to trigger the relaxation response and tools and skills you can use in your daily life to enable you to THRIVE! instead of just merely survive in your life! Rather than just ‘getting by’ day to day, ask yourself what you really want from your life and your relationships. Are you feeling close and connected to those that you love? Are you using your body as it is meant to be used? Are you eating nutritious foods and spending time in nature? Are you sleeping well at night so you feel rested and full of 'real energy' to start your day? Or are you using caffeine to help you get going and sleep-aides to help you wind down? Do you know how to manage stress, anxiety and depression without medications? Dr. Beth has dedicated her life to studying relationships, personal and organizational health and managing stress and negative emotions. Come learn the tools you need to THRIVE! both at home and at work, in your relationships and in your personal life. Schedule Dr. Beth to come and speak to your organization or group and begin THRIVING today! You will be glad that you did.

Dr. Beth is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), a Certified Master Personal & Executive Coach (MPEC), has a PhD in Mind-Body Medicine: Health Systems, and over 20 years’ experience speaking, training, coaching, and providing psychotherapy to individuals, couples and families. She specializes in helping people learn to THRIVE! She especially loves teaching women and mom's how to thrive in their everyday life, teaching employees and executives how to thrive at work and at home, and teaching couples how to thrive in their relationship.


As women we have so many demands on our time and energy. Learn how to create healthy boundaries, cultivate close relationships andpractice optimum self care that allows you to THRIVE!


Is your marriage flourishing? Learn how to work through everyday challenges in your most important relationship so you and your partner can THRIVE!


Life Hack Skills for Home and Work. Is there such a thing as work/life balance? Learn how to bring your best self to both work and home life and still THRIVE!



Upcoming THRIVE! Workshops