Thrive! in mind, body & spirit.



As women we have so many demands on our time and energy. Learn how to create healthy boundaries, cultivate close relationships and practice optimum self care that allows you to THRIVE!


Is your marriage flourishing? Learn how to work through everyday challenges in your most important relationship so you and your partner can THRIVE!


Leadership Teams come together to improve understanding, communication and relationship.  Optimize your synergy and impact so you, your team and the organization can THRIVE!



Riverhorse Ranch Retreats presents a THRIVE! for Women Retreat

About Dr. Beth

Dr. Beth has two decades of experience as a Counselor, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant, Teacher and Coach. Her coaching curriculum is considered "Best Practices" in the customer support industry and is licensed by HDI and the KCS Academy. She also teaches Evidence-Based Coaching for Saybrook University.


Dr. Beth is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and has a PhD in Mind-Body Medicine: Health Systems, from Saybrook University. She also has the "Master Personal and Executive Coach" certification through the College of Executive Coaching.

About Norianna Diesel

Norianna Diesel is a multi-talented woman with a passion to serve humanity. She is a Registered Somatic Movement Educator, Registered Yoga Teacher 200 hr, ex-professional Modern dancer, Licensed Massage Therapist, & Certified Wellness Coach. She has been self-studying how to effectively unwind trauma from the human organism via a variety of (Somatic) Mind-Body based modalities for the last few years. Norianna has a private practice in South Ogden offering bodywork, trauma healing, & coaching. While not busy with her private practice, she offers somatic movement & empowerment workshops in the Ogden Valley.

Thrive! with Dr. Beth

Dr. Beth invites you to come and spend a day at Riverhorse Ranch. Experience a balance of MYSTICAL and PRACTICAL and Embody Your Wild Feminine!

Embody Your Wild Feminine

A One Day Personal Retreat & Inner Work Playshop

Are you a woman who has been hearing the call of the wild feminine stirring within you but you have been uncertain as to how to answer?

Do you crave to break free from limiting programs and access your inner wild, free, and sensuous nature?

Beth Haggett, MSW, LCSW, Ph.D., Master Personal & Executive Coach and Norianna Diesel RSME (Registered Somatic Movement Educator) are creating a unique day-long immersion for women to deeply connect with their bodies, senses, nature, and their wild essence.

Limited to 20 women.

In this deep immersion you will:

  • Gain valuable knowledge of the central nervous system and its relationship to stress and trauma

  • Acquire skills and tools to trigger the relaxation response in the central nervous system

  • Learn about the heart-brain connection

  • Learn and practice Mindfulness

  • Explore the mind-body connection

  • Explore mindful movement

  • Discover and exercise your personal boundaries

  • Practice clear communication

  • Expand your personal edges and recognize imposed blocks from culture, conditioning, etc.

  • Explore your senses and how they contribute to embodying your own wild feminine nature

  • Practice showing up authentically; being seen and heard as you are

  • Move, shake, write, process, share, and discover yourself on deeper levels


Sneak peek teasers into some of the things we will be doing:

  • Having a heart opening experience with Horses!!!

  • Face painting in a ritualistic container

  • Moving and connecting with nature

  • Having a WILD FEMININE Fire Ceremony!!

What is included in your admission price:

  • 12 hours of life-changing tools, skills and experiences

  • Organic high-vibe food includes lunch, dinner, snacks, and drinks

  • Individual follow-up 30 min. check-in/coaching session with Dr. Beth or Norianna after the workshop

  • Take home materials for you to reference/continue your learning

Early Bird Special $399 ends April 18th

$450 from April 19th- May 11th

Friend or Relative special, 2 women for $759 until May 11th. Bring your best girlfriend, partner or daughter (18 or older) and save money on this life-changing event.

*Lodging is an additional charge on a first-come first-served basis in shared rooms ($75.00 per night).

*Workshop is from 8:30 am to 9:00 pm so you will only need lodging if attending from out of town.

Dr. Beth has dedicated her life to studying relationships, motherhood, personal and organizational health and well being and to helping others learn to manage stress and overcome depression and anxiety.  Learn the tools you need to THRIVE! in mind, body and spirit.

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