Praise for Dr. Beth

Kendall Brenneise, Senior Manager, Digital Services, F5

Attending the Coaching Workshop and becoming trainers on the course has been a transformative experience for both my support organization and me personally. The principles and techniques imparted during the workshop have profoundly reshaped our culture and significantly enhanced our operation’s culture.

Before the workshop, our support team was functioning well, however, we hadn’t yet made as significant strides in giving our people resources on learning how to grow themselves or enable each other to grow. The coaching principles introduced during the workshop quickly made us realize where we were doing well and could build on (advocating for our customers, employees, and doing the right thing and seeking to understand before seeking to solve come to mind). However more importantly, it helped us identify where we had some gaps in our culture, namely, empathetic engagement, reflection, and constructive feedback. These elements have now become the cornerstone of our daily interactions with employees as well as when interacting with our customers.

As a result, we’ve seen a noticeable increase in team morale and collaboration for those who’ve become coaches or have a coach. In fact, those who are now involved with a coach tend to perform higher across the board in virtually every metric. Their CSAT scores tend to be a whole point higher, their contributions to our knowledge base double and most exciting those who are now involved in our coaching program see a about a 400% increase in the reuse of the knowledge they share!

On a personal level, the coaching workshop has been instrumental in my development as a leader. The skills I acquired have enabled me to communicate more effectively, inspire my team, and handle conflicts with greater ease and confidence. I have learned to ask powerful questions that encourage self-reflection and growth among team members, fostering a culture of continuous improvement. Professionally, the principles of coaching have equipped me with the tools to lead by example and create a supportive environment that prioritizes the well-being, psychological safety, and professional development of my team. This has not only enhanced my leadership capabilities but has also paved the way for career advancement opportunities within the organization.

The lasting impact on our culture and my personal and professional journey is a testament to the effectiveness of the coaching principles taught. I highly recommend this workshop to any organization looking to elevate their team dynamics and achieve greater success.

Kendall Brenneise

Senior Manager, Digital Services, F5
Brad Smith
Beth is the rare mix of a very personable and authentic approach to professional coaching, combined with a deep and sophisticated toolkit that plucks out of you and the group un-anticipated positive outcomes.

She can lead a group through an exercise and open up their awareness to the possibilities that have existed just beyond their reach. I love the way she merges her personal stories, with the exercises at hand to put everyone at ease. She is a master at breaking down the communication and cultural barriers that hold back any group from reaching its fullest potential.

I highly recommend Beth and her work, and I eagerly look forward to the next opportunity to engage her magical services.

Brad Smith

EVP Customer Experience at Sage
Nancy Morrison
I just wanted to send a note to let you know that your message resonated so very well with our team. I believe the content was great but your style of delivery was quite special. However you came to this coaching/teaching role, it is not missed on me that you are exactly where you need to be. Your approach has us rethinking our current QA process and I thank you for that! Your influential and kind delivery has even the most staunch supporters of our current QA process rethinking through what I call the “Beth lenses!”

Because of you, we are reevaluating the approach and dare I say, you have put us on a better path. Thank you for evaluating and understanding where we were and where we needed to go.

Nancy Morrison

Manager, Memorial Hermann
Gene Bellinger

Beth and I worked together on several customer engagements assisting organizations preparing for the adoption of a knowledge management environment to develop their capacity to respond to their customer’s support request. In each instance Beth’s focus on delivering quality and value to the customer in terms of employee learning and development were most noteworthy. There was almost an obsessed insistence that the customer receive what they most needed to be prepared for what they were to experience in the future. I would anxiously welcome any opportunity to work with Beth again in the future.

Gene Bellinger

Systems Thinker
Laurel Poertner, Senior Director, Global Digital Services, F5
As the Sr. Director for F5 Digital Services, I have witnessed firsthand the transformative impact our coaching program has had on our support teams. Implementing this initiative has proven to be a game-changer in several key areas, including skill expansion, habit formation, and team relationship building.

Skill Expansion: The coaching program has provided our engineers with the opportunity to enhance their technical and soft skills. With access to experienced coaches, our team members have been able to delve deeper into complex topics and acquire new competencies that are crucial for their professional growth. This continuous learning environment helps instill a culture of knowledge sharing which has resulted in the overall technical proficiency of our teams. It has also prepared us for faster onboarding of new engineers.

Habit Formation: One of the standout benefits of the coaching program has been the development of new, productive habits. We leveraged the program to help learners focus on new technology driven by our AI and automation strategy to adopt and implement best practices consistently.

Relationship Building: Perhaps most importantly, the coaching program has significantly strengthened the relationships among our engineers across different teams. By facilitating cross-team interactions and collaborative learning sessions, the program has broken down silos and fostered a sense of community. Engineers now have a platform to share knowledge, seek advice, and support one another, which has led to improved teamwork and a more cohesive work environment.

Overall, the coaching program has been instrumental in driving both personal and professional growth for our engineers. It has empowered them to build a strong, collaborative community. I am proud of the positive changes this program has brought to F5 and look forward to its continued success.

Laurel Poertner

Senior Director, Global Digital Services, F5
Greg Oxton

I have worked with Beth on a number of different projects over the past 10 years and she is very bright, delightful to work with, her deliverable’s are always on time and of excellent quality. She is very flexible and always willing to help when unexpected things come up. Beth has worked with us designing and delivering workshops and her ability to engage people, at all levels of the organization, both intellectually and emotionally is exceptional.

Greg Oxton

Facilitator, Evangelist and Connector at the Consortium for Service Innovation
Laura Seklemian

It was so wonderful to have you with us at our retreats. We heard nothing but great comments and people were talking about how they were going to take their new “tools” home and use them regularly !! I can just see the Directors shaking away after a tough day. You made such a fabulous addition, I can’t tell you how much it meant for me personally to have you there.

Laura Seklemian

Training and Development Coordinator, Utah Children’s Justice Center Program
Jim Pendergast

I had the opportunity to work with Beth two times over the recent years. I found her style, delivery, and focus extremely complementary to the KCS work we were doing. Beth is a great listener, makes genuine assessments and recommendations, adds great value and insights, and lends a humane layer to sometimes rigid and gray business activities and discussions. A pleasure to work and be with.

Jim Pendergast

SVP Customer Advocacy at Sage
Steve Desaulnier
I had the pleasure of working with Beth during the early implementation of our knowledge management program at RIM. Part of our KM strategy involved identifying, training, and supporting coaches, and Beth was brought in on several occasions to assist with the initial implementation of our program.

During my short but impactful time working with Beth, it was immediately clear that she had a true heart for coaching, mentoring, and helping others realize their fullest potential. Her unique and powerful approach to leading others involved a focus on the heart of coaching by practicing active listening, providing genuine praise and honest appreciation, building trust, being a true role model, and partnering with others to lead them onto success.

I can honestly say my time with Beth was a true blessing as she was not only instrumental in helping shape and define our coaching program, which is still active and highly effective today, but also leaving me with valuable life lessons that have helped me in my personal relationships as well.

I would highly recommend Beth’s work as a life coach and any organization would greatly benefit from her joining the team.

Steve Desaulnier

Knowledge Management Specialist at Blue Coat Systems