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by | Dec 27, 2014

Thank God for Western Medicine when you need it. Sometimes we need to use it to diagnose or to remove or to repair. However, it is invasive, it is ugly, it is traumatizing. It hurts… it does not honor the spirit, or hold the body sacred. I am so thankful to have had a brain tumor removed successfully and to have my body repairing itself. But, I feel beat up. I am bruised and battered. My arms are all bruised where the IV’s were placed. I have a sore spot on my forehead where a vice was clamped on my head to hold it still during the 4 hour surgery. I have a large bruise on my shoulder and swelling where a lump was removed. I find myself whimpering in the night for having a subconscious sense of having been through a physical trauma. I have 17 staples in my skull that reattach my skull and dura. There are several metal plates and screws underneath that hold my skull in place so it can heal. It is all miraculous, truly. I am so grateful for the knowledge and skill that has allowed me to benefit from the research and intervention that could remove these tumor’s from my brain and neck. But I feel a need to honor the pain and the trauma and the invasion to my body. To restore and heal and comfort and nurture my body/mind/spirit from the invasive damage that was done to it. I am trying to breathe deeply into my belly…to reassure my body it is once again safe. I am using essential oils that bring comfort and a deep sense of relaxation. I am taking an herbal concoction made by someone I care deeply about, knowing it was made with knowledge of the body/soul and infused with love and care. I am getting foot rubs from my sweet husband and trying to eat nutritious foods. I close my eyes and picture myself riding my horse into the mountains and feel my body relax and melt into the rhythm of her movements. I know all of these things will help me to heal from the trauma that was done to me. Perhaps there is another way to combine mind-body medicine and allopathic or Western Medicine. Perhaps there is another way to remove tumors or fix broken bones or treat cancer, that are less invasive, less harmful, more nurturing and honoring of the spirit. I hope to continue exploring this and find answers that might help others to heal or endure or thrive.

My wonderful doctor

My wonderful doctor.

17 Staples

17 Staples

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