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by | Oct 19, 2014

I have found myself thinking about this non-stop. I realize as soon as I open my eyes each morning that I have been processing through the night about all the meanings to me of having had something growing in my brain for how long I know not. But, even though my logic had told me I would not let anyone cut into my brain until I saw how fast or slowly it was growing, when I left the neurosurgeon’s office I knew I would have it out. I did speak with my wonderful holistic doctor Judith Moore to get her opinion and I also wrote a note to two highly regarded holistic physicians, Dr. Larry Dossey who is a friend and Dr. James Gordon who was the Dean of my program at Saybrook University. I wanted some outside opinions from people I trust just to double check myself. All three gave me their blessing and suggested in their opinion that getting it out would be the right thing to do in this situation. The surprising thing to me was that I KNEW! I realize how this inner sense of knowing that sometimes goes against what I “think” has lead and guided me throughout my life but I have not always trusted it. It is amazing actually how we really do KNOW things…we know the right things to do, the right paths to take, the decisions that we are meant to make in most situations. I have doubted these before but they are strong and persistent and I believe have always lead me towards the things that are for my good and my learning and betterment. I feel this power of discernment guiding me powerfully at this time. It brings a sense of peace and happiness and trust that I will get through this and be well. I know God has a plan for me and that if I follow that inner sense of knowing, things may still be difficult and painful but I will get where I am meant to go and the journey will be full of learning and growth.

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