I speak about what truly MATTERS and help organizations implement critical changes that make a measurable difference for INDIVIDUALS AND ORGANIZATIONS.
Healthy employees = Healthy Organizations!
"We heard nothing but great comments and people were talking about how they were going to take their new 'tools' home and use them regularly!" Laura Seklemian -Children's Justice Center

When you invest in a thriving culture you support growth, positive change and employee engagement. When people are committed to their own self-care and the organization supports that commitment, they feel better, are more engaged in their work, have more energy, are more creative and miss work less. Health expenses decrease, and the general morale in your organization improves. Basically, people enjoy life more and it shows up in their work. 

Research shows that the skills and tools I will teach can improve health and sense of well-being, decrease anxiety, depression, stress and fatigue, improve coping skills, ability to engage creatively and get along well with others.

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serviceinnovation.org: Consultant, Facilitator, Trainer

thinkhdi.com: Consultant, Facilitator, Trainer

thebystanderproject.org: Advisory Board

Saybrook University: Adjunct Faculty, School of Mind-Body Medicine